Azure Lorica Society

Social Justice Through Art

Our Mission

"We empower artists with an opportunity to conceptualize social justice through community based projects by producing multimedia and performing arts, to give voice to those affected by injustice, and to motivate the public to advocate for systemic change."

Join us for our upcoming Benefit events (progress of annual completion below):

Meet The Founders

Azure Lorica was founded by Artists, who've built the organization for the community, supporting culture, and social justice. (learn more)

Eugene Cordell

Eugene Cordell

Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer

"The public deserve culture, no matter who they are, and where they are. But we need to speak their language."

Stefanie Warner

Stefanie Warner

Chief Executive, President

"Curation is key to reach out to those that seek it. We cannot hold back on good taste, when there's a world demanding for it."