We are proud to announce our first Patreon page, available to our fantastic Patrons in Azure Lorica! For those that are new to Azure Lorica, we produce festivals to invite the community to promote social justice. We used to do this through a live forum, but are only recently publishing a magazine to build better discussions, through art.

Our slogan since 2016 has been "Social Justice Through Art". And, it's been a slow change. We've continued FanFilm Awards and our Annual Live Reading Gala, since 2014, and introducing a new festival this year, Aware Fest. Needless to say, we're chalk full of live programs for everyone to enjoy. But our mission for social justice has yet reached it's full potential, which is why producing Azure Lorica Magazine is crucial.

With this, we will invite artists and writers to be published, participating in the mission of social justice, and distributing the magazine, internationally, to our audience and members. Included in each issue are interviews of our festival winners and participants, and articles pertaining to social injustices internationally.

But, in order to begin, we need you.

To start our venture, Azure Lorica would like to ask for Patrons to start at our Fae Dragon level. It's $5 per month, and with each 12 months accomplished, we will send the Patron a pin for their continuous support in Azure Lorica. Now, we would encourage you to become a Wyvern or Red Dragon, but that's up to you. Our goal is to reach at least 15 Patrons, and we may begin production after that.

And remember, Azure Lorica is a 501c3 charity organization, so if you wish to make a one time donation, as well, we are able to give tax deduction for your generosity.

So, without further adieu: DONATE TODAY!